Assignment #4 – PRESS CONFERENCE

Each Group will be expected to:

1.Give a one minute presentation of your disaster (speaking only)

2.Show your iMOVIE

3. Answer Questions from each group from the opposite class.

4. Create one question for each group from the opposite class to be asked at the press conference.


1. Your one minute presentation must NOT be read from the blog.

if your disaster is an earthquake it must include: the magnitude, focus and epicenter and the effect of each of the types of waves.

if your disaster is a volcano it must include: an explanation of the type of volcano and the explanation of what is happening tectonically that causes the volcano to erupt.

2. Your iMOVIE must be uploaded – if your are having problems it is your groups responsibility to ask your teacher for help.

3. Research and prepare notes for the types of questions that you may be asked.

4. Read each groups blog page and watch each iMovie from the opposite class.  Prepare one question for each group.  Your question CANNOT be answered by the information that is provided on the page of in the movie.  Your questions will be handed in and checked prior to the press conference and must be at an appropriate level.


Your group will be marked on the following:

– Quality and creativity of your presentation

– Quality and creativity of you iMOVIE

– Level of understanding and ability to answer questions at the press conference

– The appropriateness and quality of questions that your group asks at the press conference.


Mr. Pattison/Mrs. Amery





The third homework assignment of the PBL has been added to the EARTHPBL folder in the student drive.  This will need to be completed in your workbook and will be checked by your teacher.

Mr. Pattison/Mrs. Amery

Posting an iMOVIE to WordPress

Follow the link below:

Once the movie is on youtube it can be transferred to wordpress the same as any other movie.


When following the instruction for uploading from youtube save the video to your own page. DO NOT create a new page for your video.

Youtube account

Name: 9sc19sc5


Student Assessment Assignments 1+2

Your group will need to assess and leave comments for two other groups (check below) by the end of Friday’s lessons:

Your assessment criteria can be found in the data drive:



year 9



Student Assessment 1+2

***Your group will be marked on the completeness and quality of your comments and answers to the questions that have been left for you***

marking roster

Group Name                                       Groups to Mark

Alaska                                           El Chichon + Chile 2010

El Chichon                                   Chile 1960 + Haiti

Chile 2010                                    Christchurch + Eyjafjallajokull

Chile 1960                                    Laki + Mt.Pinatubo

Haiti                                               Mt. Saint Helens + Ruiz

Christchurch                                Samoa + Sichuan

Eyjafjallajokull                            Vesuvius + Alaska

Laki                                                El Chichon + Chile 2010

Mt Pinatubo                                Chile 1960 + Haiti

Mt. Saint Helens                        Christchurch + Eyjafjallajokull

Ruiz                                               Laki + Mt. Pinatubo

Samoa                                           Mt. Saint Helens + Ruiz

Sichuan                                        Samoa + Vesuvius

Vesuvius                                      Alaska + Boxing day Tsunami

Boxing day Tsunami                Chile 1960 + Haiti


Assignment #3 – News Report

Your group has travelled back in time to the day that your incident has happened.  You have been hired by Channel 7 news to submit a 1:30 second news report for the 6pm evening news.

The technology that channel 7 has given you to make your report are macbooks, video cameras from the library and iMovie.

You must upload your finished movie to your blog page.


1. Complete a written draft and have it checked by Mr. Pattison or Mrs. Amery before you begin filming and editing.

2. Send one person to the library to hire a digital camera at the beginning of each lesson.  (1 per group)

3. Upload your finished news report by Monday August 8th.


Your report MUST include the following:

– A map showing where the location of the disaster

-An explanation of what is happening at the plate boundary, including a map.

-A thorough assessment of the dangers of the area.

-A description of why tourist might wish to, or may have wished to visit the area.

– Relevant pictures or videos of the area.

– Relevant information about the disaster. (i.e. size of earthquake, number of people killed, extent of damage etc….

***Each member of the group will also need to have glued into their notebook the summary of types of tectonic boundaries table provided by your teacher.


Mrs. Amery

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – B110

Friday – Library small seminar room.

Mr. Pattison

B110 all week



Due Date/Homework

By the beginning of Monday’s lesson(Mr. Pattison’s class) and Tuesday’s lesson (Mrs. Amery’s class) the following will need to be completed:

1. Each group member will need to complete and glue into your workbook  a copy of the plate tectonic map handed to you by your teacher.  Answers can be found on pg.248 of science focus 1.

2. Assignments 1 + 2 need to be completed and posted to your individual web page for marking.

Mr. Pattison/Mrs. Amery

***CHECK your COMMENTS at the bottom of your page***