Sichuan Earthquake 2008

Kelly, Luke, Dhaval and Tim

Brief Paragraph on the Sichuan Earthquake

The disaster we have chosen is the Sichuan Earthquake occurring on May the 12th, 2008. Affecting the area of Western China, the Sichuan Earthquake killed 69,185 people. Leaving 18,467 people missing, the Sichuan earthquake sent tremors as far as 1545km out South West towards Beijing, China. Environmental threats were instant after a shock measuring 7.9 on the Richter magnitude scale. Effects such as the loss of habitats and ecosystems also the uncontrollable amount of debris present, left the Sichuan Province in a devastating mess. 7 months after the horrific event, aftershocks were still occurring which many witnessed within the area of Sichuan. The epicenter of the Earthquake has been recorded to be Wenchuan.

Various Maps relevant to Question 2

Movement of the World's Tectonic Plates Sichuan Earthquake 2008, Map of incident

Map and answer related to question 3

Diagram showing the movment of plates below the Earth's crust

The quake of Sichuan in 2008 was caused by a motion on the Northeast thrust fault. A thrust fault is a type of fault where the ground on one side moves up or over adjacent ground. The  thrust occurring on the Longmenshan Fault was previously caused by the Eurasian and Indian colliding unexpectedly. The Sichuan Province is an active tectonic area.

After Effects of the Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan Earthquake Imovie (news report)

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  3. Assessment of Webpage:

    Detailed maps to show the world’s plate boundaries and the plate tectonics of the area.

    Description of Disaster:
    Detailed description of the disaster and the effects it had on the Sichuan Province and the environment.
    Could mention what has been done to restore the area.

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster:
    Detailed description of the plate boundaries and tectonics of the area.

    Overall impression:
    Very interesting website with detailed information and relevant pictures, videos and diagrams.

    MARK 8 /10

    Q1) You mentioned the effect the earthquake had on the area, habitats and ecosystems. What have the recovery efforts been like and how is the area since the earthquake struck?

    Q2) How many people died as a result of the initial earthquake and aftershocks?

    Lauren, Sarah, Beth, Carolyn


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