Mt. Saint Helens

The eruption of Mt St Helens occured on March 18th, 1980 at approximatley 8:32 am  in America, Washington State. The eruption was triggered by 5.1 magnitude earthquake below the base of the mountain. The entire Northface of the mountain weakened and slid away exposing the steam and gas in the volcano, releasing pressure and causing the volcano to explode expeling hot lava and pulverised rock. The erupition of Mount Saint Helens was one of the worst in America’s history.

The 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens was triggered by the Juan De Fuca plate pushing under the North American Plate. The reason the eruption was by the Juan De Fuca plate forcing under the North American plate is because part of the Juan De Fuca plate melted into molten rock therefore expanding and being forced up through the weakest point in the crust in that area which happened to be Mt Saint Helens.


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  1. Map: The two maps shown are very relevant and informative. The first map clearly shows the names and movement of all the major tectonic plates. This map would have been even more better with the location of the disaster labelled so viewers can easily see where it occurred.

    Description of the Disaster: The information you have given is very brief, but still covers the points required. Expanding on your points, and adding other facts would help increase the readers knowledge of the Mount Saint Helens disaster.

    Explanation of the Plate Boundary near the Disaster: The explanation is quite good. Be careful of your sentences, but besides that great work. An enlarged diagram of what happened between the Juan De Fuca Plate and the North American Plate would also help the audience understand the situation.

    Overall, your webpage is very factual and informative. Next time expand more on some of the points and facts you have given, and re-read what you have written. Good work Samuel, Isabel, Jordie and Marae.

    MARK: 8/10

    1. How tall is Mount Saint Helens?
    2. How many other disasters have been cause in this area due to the Juan De Fuca and North American plates?

    From MJ, Kurtys and Samantha. (:


  2. Map: Great quality map that clearly shows the major plates and their boundaries as well as the nature of their boundaries. Your second map also clearly highlights the location of the disaster in relation to the rest of the United States. It would have been good though if you could have pointed out the area where the disaster occurred on the map of the major plates. This would have given the viewers abetter point of reference.

    Description: The description of the disaster clearly explains what the disaster is and what happened. You have summed up your points well and not elaborated onto the topic. Despite this some more information on the damages and destruction would have been good.

    What Happened At the Plate: The description of what happened at the plate boundaries was good and contained a lot of information about what happened. It possibly could have been better if you had described what type of boundary exists between the North American Plate and the Juan De Fuca Plate.

    Overall your webpage covers the topic well and gives lots of information about the eruption at Mt. Saint Helens. If you were to complete your webpage again, we suggest that you elaborate more on the points that you have supplied and put in a little more information about the aftermath.

    MARK: 7/10

    Ian, James, Scott


  3. Also, questions from Ian, James and Scott:
    1) Had Mt Saint Helens ever erupted before?
    2) What kind of damage did it do to neighbouring cities?


  4. To MJ, Kurtys and Samantha
    Regarding question 1 is that before or after which eruption because mount saint helens erupts on a regular basis.
    2. The Juan De Fuca plate has caused 11 volcanic eruptions in the last 4000 years and 7 in the last 200 years.


  5. To Ian, James and Scott
    1.Mount Saint Helens had erupted 5 times before the 1980 eruption in the 500 years before it.
    2.The first dust cloud sent up into the atmosphere was pushed east by wind disturbing and congesting many major cities. Later that year the volcano sent up a second cloud this was met by a westerly wind disrupting the west coast and other areas west of the mountain.


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