Ruiz, Colombia 1985

By Annalisse Hunt, Stephanie Zafiratos 🙂

Our group has chosen the volcano known as Navada del Ruiz, commonly known as Ruiz, that erupted in Armero, Colombia in 1985. Before we can continue, we must first ask ourselves: What is a volcano? defines a volcano as a mountain or hill, typically conical, having a crater or vent through which lava, rock, fragments, hot vapor and gas are or have been erupted from the earth’s crust.


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  1. Map: Very good map, with great quality. It includes the major tectonic plates and the direction in which they are moving. An explanation of the map underneath would have improved the page.

    Description of the Disaster: The description was very brief. More facts and information could have been added to give the readers more understanding of how devastating the volcano was. Adding the definition of a volcano was a good idea.

    Explanation of the Plate Boundary near the disaster: There is no explanation of the plate movement. The map gives us some information though.

    Overall, the information is good and straight to the point. Adding more facts and elaborating on the points you already have would make the page more informative. It seems unfinished, but what you have so far is great.

    MARK: 6/10

    1. What caused the eruption? (The movement of the tectonic plates)
    2. Who/How many people were affected?

    From MJ, Kurtys and Samantha. (:


  2. 1)What plate movement led to its eruption?
    2)How close to the volcano are cities and how much damage did the volcano inflict?

    MAP: Your map is extremely good because it shows all of the plates and the plate boundaries, as well as the movement at that boundary. You also accurately point out where your disaster is.

    DESCRIPTION OF DISASTER: There is very little information regarding the actual disaster itself, such as the exact date of the eruption or the people it affected. There is also no mention of the movement of the plates, and what led to the Earthquake, so next time please include it!

    EXPLANATION OF PLATE BOUNDARY NEAR DISASTER: You don’t really cover at all which plate boundary your volcano is occurring at. The only guide that there is, is the map, which doesn’t name the plate boundary or what is happening at the plate boundary. So next time it would be good to include a description of it

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: Overall, you provide a good introductory paragraph into what a volcano is and a basic explanation of where the volcano occurred. Your information lacks depth, however, so with more information it would become a good resource!

    Overall Mark: 6/10

    By James, Ian and Scott.


    • 1.The volcano Nevado del Ruiz, Armero is the northernmost of a series of statovolcanoes in the Andean volcanic belt. The Andean volcanic belt is caused by the eastward subduction of the Nazca oceanic plate beneath the South American continental plate.
      2.Armero was built above the ruins of the last volcanic eruption from that volcano, this volcano killed people in cites and towns up to several tens of kilometers away. Over 23000 people were killed in this violent eruption.


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