1964 Alaska Earthquake

Meg, Corey, Allan, Hotae

1964 Alaskan Earthquake.

 A brief introduction:

The 1964 Alaskan earthquake also known as the Great Alaskan earth quake was a mega thrust earthquake which began at 5:36 PM on Good Friday march 27th 1964. It hit all across south central Alaska collapsing buildings and taking 131 deaths in total. Lasting only 4 minutes it was the most powerful earthquake in U.S. and North American history. The second most powerful recorded on a seismograph. This also resulted in tsunamis and several landslides.

A world map:

Tectonic plates:
The above image shows the two plates that are where the alaskan earthquake occurred.  You can see the North American plate and the pacific plate. In this particular case the two plates rub at the fault line this is what caused the earthquake and disturbance with the plates.
After shock footage: 
 Our news report:

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  1. What did the placement of the plate have to do with the earthquake?


  2. Meg, Allan, Corey and Hotae,
    Comment: The Map is of high quality and clearly shows the plates and the plate Boundaries
    Suggestions for improvement: Some ways you can improve is showing where Alaska is.

    Description of Disaster
    Comment: The description of the disaster is brief but that is what was asked for. All the information needed was there
    Suggestions for improvement: I think you could have added more information than what was there. What you did was the bare minimum and if you would have added more information it would have looked very professional.

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    Comment:There was no real explenation of the plate bounday so I cannot mark this section
    Suggestions for improvement: You may like to have a look at mt Pinatubo because theirs was very good

    Overall impression
    Comment: My first impression was very good because it looked and sounded professional but if you don’t add the things we need to mark then we can’t mark them.

    MARK 7/10
    James Morris, Daniel Hagness, Tom Cooper


  3. Map
    Comment: Detailed map of plate boundarys
    Suggestions for improvement: the map of the location could be clearer

    Description of Disaster
    Comment: Good information
    Suggestions for improvement: Could go into more detail

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    Comment: Ver detailed map of plate boundarys
    Suggestions for improvement: Need more information

    Overall impression
    Comment: Good trust worthy information
    Suggestions for improvement: More information need

    MARK 6/10

    Lisa and Katie 🙂


  4. Yes we need to add in all the informaton, thanks for the feedback it’s helpful

    Alaskan earthquake.


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