1982 El Chichon, Mexico

Thomas Munsayac, Mitchell Bruce, Madeline McEwan, Jia Lim

Map- Location of El Chichon

El Chichon, Mexico

Click to see a larger image of the plates

The volcano we have chosen is called, El Chichon. El Chichon is a relatively small, yet powerful volcano located towards the South East of Mexico, in place on the Cocos plate.

What is happening to the boundaries?

THE MAP: As cleary illustrated in the diagram above, the green arrows, known as the collision boundaries, show the boundaries of the Cocos plate-The plate Mexico is settled in, collides inwards to form the volcano known as El Chichon.

The Dangers of El Chichon

The volcano, approximately erupted, violenly three times  during 1982 , the period between March the 28th and April the 4th. The vocano did indeed effectthe worlds climate change, due to the amounts of sulfur dioxide , that has intoxicated the air. However that was not the only issue. The other problem was considered to be that sulfur dioxide consists of poisonous substances, which could kill and harm the habitat and the people surrounded by the gas.  This  eruption, caused in 1982,  was the first of many other explosions which gave a large impact on the world. The aftermath of the eruption created a new 1km wide crater that now exposes an acidic crater lake.

This unexpected disaster has risen the death toll of 1800 civilians.

 *Birds eye view of the volcanic eruption

During the beginning of this video, the first sentence has been shown in a perspective of one the unfortunate victims. ” 1982 Luego vino el caos, la incertidumbre y el miedo. Muchos sobrevivieron pero habiamos perdido todo.”  The writing has been translated to English and says, “Then came the chaos, uncertainty and fear. Many survived, but we had lost everything.”

A second victim has said,” luego vino el caos, la noche mas oscura habia llegado aquel 28 de marzo. This is again translated and means, “Then came the chaos, the darkest night he had come March 28”

This is our News report on El Chichon:


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  1. Map
    Comment: Very Good map. Has all the needed features that was requested and clearly labelled.
    Suggestions for improvement: Although the font size on the label was a bit small so you could’ve enlarged it.

    Description of Disaster
    Comment: The description was sastisfactory
    Suggestions for improvement: It could have included more infomation about the disaster and expanded on the information that you researched.


  2. continued….
    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    Comment: more info needed on boundary
    Suggestions for improvement: maybe include infomation on the background/history of the Coco’s plate what other volcano’s are situated on/around it. Try find more detailed infomation as it seem a bit too brief.

    Overall impression
    Comment:great map, very small ammount of infomation, no pictures of the volcano
    Suggestions for improvement: include pictures of the volcano and include diagrams of the type of boundary it is. Expand on the infomation you got and break the infomation in sections(put titles and sub headings to make the infomation more planned out and organised.) Good start! 😀

    sonia, florence, jess and clare:)

    MARK 3.5/10


  3. Map
    Comment: Great, i like how you have shown where Chile is located.
    Improvement: You could show exactly where it is…
    Description of disaster
    Comment: Great info, detailed
    Improvement: What were the results…..were there any deaths? how much damage was there overall?
    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    Comment: There should be more information.
    Improvement: Research and put in the web page.
    Overall Impression
    Comment: Detailed map but needs more information.
    Improvement: Research and include more information in the web page. Please include more information about the plate boundary.


    -1964 Alaskan Earthquake


  4. What was the point of the video? It only shows smoke and doesn’t show any explanation to how it happened.
    Tom, James, Daniel (Vesuvius)


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