Assignment #4 – PRESS CONFERENCE

Each Group will be expected to:

1.Give a one minute presentation of your disaster (speaking only)

2.Show your iMOVIE

3. Answer Questions from each group from the opposite class.

4. Create one question for each group from the opposite class to be asked at the press conference.


1. Your one minute presentation must NOT be read from the blog.

if your disaster is an earthquake it must include: the magnitude, focus and epicenter and the effect of each of the types of waves.

if your disaster is a volcano it must include: an explanation of the type of volcano and the explanation of what is happening tectonically that causes the volcano to erupt.

2. Your iMOVIE must be uploaded – if your are having problems it is your groups responsibility to ask your teacher for help.

3. Research and prepare notes for the types of questions that you may be asked.

4. Read each groups blog page and watch each iMovie from the opposite class.  Prepare one question for each group.  Your question CANNOT be answered by the information that is provided on the page of in the movie.  Your questions will be handed in and checked prior to the press conference and must be at an appropriate level.


Your group will be marked on the following:

– Quality and creativity of your presentation

– Quality and creativity of you iMOVIE

– Level of understanding and ability to answer questions at the press conference

– The appropriateness and quality of questions that your group asks at the press conference.


Mr. Pattison/Mrs. Amery




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