2010 Haiti Earthquake

By James, Ian and Scott.

Haiti is situated to the Southeast of the United States of America near Cuba. On Tuesday the 12th of January 2010 at 4.53 pm, when a fault branching from the Northern boundary of where the Caribbean tectonic plate meets the North American tectonic plate shifted. The epicenter was located approximately 20km Southwest of the countries capital Port-au-Prince. The result was a 7.0 magnitude earthquke. By the 24th of January around 52 aftershocks had been suffered over a magnitude of 4.5. Overall, an estimated 3,000,000 people were affected. . The government said that about 316,000 of those were dead and a further 300,000 injured. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hempisphere, and so poor construction and a lack of infrastructure resulted in many buildings, houses, bridges and roads collapsing.

Area affected by the quake.

The quake was situated on the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault which had stayed dormant for 250 years, building up pressure and tension but finally slipped on the 12th of January, releasing some of the accumulated stress of 250 years at a magnitude of 7.0.

Diagram of the colliding plates.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Map: Your first two maps are a bit blurry and hard to read, however, your second map is clear and easy to understand.
    Suggestion: Find some clearer maps.

    Description of disaster: the description is informative with lots of good facts and detail. It isn’t too long or too short.
    Suggestions: No suggestions.

    Explanation of plate boundary: The explanation is very good. Lots of information on what happened and the effect.
    Suggestions: No suggestions.

    Overall Impression: Your blog is presented very well and it clearly communicates the information. The paragraphs are nicely spread out between many maps and even a video.

    Mark: 8/10

    Questions: 1. where any other countries effected?
    2. Are there any more earthquakes expected to happen at or near by Haiti any time soon?

    -El Chichon


  2. Replies:
    1. No other countries were directly affected by the earthquake, but very high tides were experienced by surrounding countries and regions such as Cuba and the United States.
    2. No more quakes are predicted to occur in or around Haiti anytime soon although due to the unpredictability of the fault, it is believed that another quake similar to that of January 2010 could strike the region within the next twenty or thirty years.

    Thanks for the questions and feedback 😀


  3. Map:
    Comment – clearly labelled map with main plates invlolved
    Improvemnt – making the maps bigger so they are easily seen

    Description of disaster:
    Comment – good detail with everything included in the description
    Improvent – nothing

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster:
    Comment – very good with lots of maps and a video that show the plates and how the earthquake occured.
    Improvement – Nothing

    Overall impression :
    Comment – nicely presented with all relevant information included
    Improvement – more information on the poeple involved and how the environment was affected.

    Mark 9/10

    – Boxing day earthquake tsunamia, indonesia


  4. Marking Format

    Comment: maps are good but need to be clearer
    Suggestions for improvement: find a better map

    Description of Disaster
    Comment: Well described step by step of what happened on the disaster
    Suggestions for improvement: nothing

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    Comment: The map of the boundaries are explained well on the map
    Suggestions for improvement: need a high quality image

    Overall impression
    Comment: perfect for information
    Suggestions for improvement: but need better images

    MARK 8 /10
    from the mt. pinatubo group


  5. Map:
    comment; maps were too small and blury however they had good information and were labelled clearly
    improvement; clearer maps

    Description of disaster:
    comment;clear, straightforward and good information that is required
    improvement; more detail could be used

    Explanation of plate boundary:
    comment; really good diagram and information
    improvement nothing 🙂

    Overall Impression:
    Good well done, straightforward and too the point. not boring

    8/10 🙂

    -mt pinatubo


  6. Map:
    The first map is too small, but the third picture is great and explains where it is. I suggest getting a different map for the first paragraph.
    Excellent Map and info!
    No suggestions.
    Very good information, but no picture 😦
    Get a picture.

    VERY GOOD website, impressed.
    MARK: 9/10

    Q1. Could this happen again soon?
    Q2. Where was most affected?


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