Chile Earthquake 1960

         Chile Earthquake of 1960

 Celeste Bayeh, Lewis Beumie and Gavan Huang

It was May 22nd, 1960 when an earthquake with a stength of 9.5 on the Moment Magnitude Scale (Mw)  shook the towns of Valvida and Puerto Montte.  These two towns were only 100 miles away from the epicentre of the earthquake which was 60m below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It damaged a shocking 400,000 square kilometres, and still to this day is known as one of  the world’s largest earthquakes ever.

What Caused the Earthquake?

The plates involved were the South American plates and the Nazca Plates which lie on the Peru-Chile trench. The earthquake was known as a ‘megathurst earthquake’ that occured due to the  release of mechanical stress between both the subducting plates. (Nazca and South American Plates). They are referred to as subducting plates because the Nazca Plate is moving downwards underneath the South American continent.  The Antarctic Plate is also subducting into the South American continent, increasing the shakes. 


 The outcome of the earthquake was traumatic. The earthqake wasn’t all the Chileans were in for on the 22nd of May. Just an hour after the shaking a giant eight metre wave washed away the entire Chilean coast, followed by another ten metre wave just as destructive. These waves travelled 1000 miles through the Pacific Ocean reaching the shores of Hawaii, Japan and the Phillipines. The death toll was never determined, however many believed almost 6,000 were killed in Chile alone. Amongst the devastation of deaths, the country also had to spend between 400 and 800 million dollars in order to repair the destruction. These repairs consisted of the 40% of homes that were scattered over the ground, leaving 20,000 homeless.



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  1. You guys, I’m inspired by your extensive use of information that appears so simple yet complex. Keep up the amazing work, you’ve made me proud!


  2. Map: The maps are good and have some good information. They have all the plate boundaries clearly labelled.
    Suggestions: The location of the disaster isn’t very clear and the map second from the top could use a description, it isn’t very easy to understand.

    Description of Disaster: The description is very clear and there is lots of information and detail in only a few small paragraphs so it doesn’t drag on.
    Suggestions: The description doesn’t need any changes.

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster: The explanation is very good and pays attention to detail too. There is enough explanation to give any reader an understanding of what happened.

    Overall impression: The blog is presented nicely with a variety of ways to explain the location and boundaries. There are smaller paragraphs, making it easier to read.
    Suggestions: Maybe a video would make the blog more interesting.

    Mark: 8/10
    Questions: 1. Where any other countries affected by the earthquake?
    2.How long did the effects of the earthquake last?

    -El Chichon


  3. YEAR 9 Earth PBL

    TASK 1+2 Student Assessment DUE: 12.9.11

    Marking Format

    Comment: good map of the plate movement and where the disaster occurred
    Suggestions for improvement: better image of where the disaster happened

    Description of Disaster
    Comment: very good information about the main details that needed to be listed
    Suggestions for improvement: nothing

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    Comment: perfect diagram of the plate boundary on the disaster
    Suggestions for improvement: nothing

    Overall impression
    Comment: good information, maps and images of disaster
    Suggestions for improvement: more background info about the people in the disaster

    MARK 8 /10

    from the Mt.pinatubo group


  4. map;
    comment; very clear
    improvement; liminted on information

    comment; very detailed, and there was good useful information on the disaster,
    Improvement; some editing could be done to make it flow more

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster
    comment;many diagrams and is easily understandable.

    overall impression;
    very good report there is lots of information and is easily to understand. 🙂

    mark 9/10

    -mt pinatubo :))


  5. Map:
    Comment – clearly labelled map with main plates invlolved
    Improvemnt – showing the smaller coutries that were involved

    Description of disaster:
    Comment – good detail with everything included in the description
    Improvent – nothing

    Explanation of plate boundary near disaster:
    Comment – very good with lots of maps that show the plates and how the earthquake occured.
    Improvement – Nothing

    Overall impression :
    Comment – nicely presented with all relevant information included
    Improvement – more information on the poeple involved and how the environment was affected.

    Mark 9/10

    – Boxing day earthquake tsunamia, indonesia


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