2010 Chile Earthquake and Tsunami

by anita, mary & marcus 🙂


Chile’s Earthquake and Tsunami occured at around 8 a.m. on the 27th of February, 2010. That early saturday morning an Eathquake of a Magnitude of 8.8 struck Chile which caused a tsunami, threatening a quarter of the globe. A wide array of Pacific nations, including the US, Australia, the Phillipines and Japan had been warned that there were going to be potentially devestating waves after the Chile earthquake triggered the tsunami. The earthquake and tsunami killed over 500 people and the earthquake caused waves of heights up to 1.5m (5 feet).

World Map

What was happening at the boundaries?

The Chile earthquake happened due to the collision boundaries, happening on the west coast of South America (a subduction zone) where the Nazca plate submerged under the South American plate, moving at an average rate of 80 millimeters (3 inches) per year. The collision gave the rise to the Andes Mountainsas well as the devastating earthquakes that happened in the north-northeast of Concepción.

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  1. Mark. You. Need. A. Haircut. (:


  2. MAP:
    Comment: you have 2 very clear and relevant maps of the plate boundaries
    Improvement: Well the label for ‘Chile’ could be much more specific- perhaps a zoomed in map?
    Comment: Your paragraph of description is quite informative,
    Improvement: Write more about the damage of the tsunami+ earthquake- what was the aftermath of this disaster?
    Comment: WEll written explanation:)
    Improvement: Maybe mention what direction the plates were moving in and what a subduction zone is
    Comment: Informative and relevant…ok the bell went…to be continued:)

    Sonia,Clare, Jess and Florence:)


  3. OK, OVERALL IMPRESION: Well set out informaion, with relevant maps-yet the mentioned improvements could be made escpecially more information on the effects and aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami more than just how many people were killed

    “including the US, Australia, the Phillipines and Japan had been warned that there were going to be potentially devestating waves after the Chile earthquake triggered the tsunami”

    How did this earthquake/tsunami affect Australia, and the US? Did these potentially devastating waves damage or injure anybody or anything?



  4. from Sonia, Jess, Clare, and Florence:)


  5. How did this earthquake/tsunami affect Australia?
    The earthquake caused a tsunami warning for numerous countries. In Australia
    just north of Sydney and also north of Brisbane, a region that includes several resort areas, including the Gold Coast were all alert due to a tsunami warning in place. Many foreshores on the coast of Australia were closed due to dangerous flooding.
    How did this earthquake/tsunami affect the U.S?
    In some parts of America, small tsunamis were expected for coastal areas and some vessels were sunk due to the serious waves.
    Did these devestating waves damage/injure anything or anyone?
    The waves killed many people in Chile but did not kill or injure anyone, anywhere else in all 53 countries that had tsunami warnings but numerous shores in coastal areas were partly flooded and damaged, and some vessels were sunk.


  6. The blog is a great summary of the disaster.

    Map: Shows all the main tectonic plates, but doesn’t really show where chile is.

    The blog shows key information and not big bulks information. This makes it easy to understand and stay in your mind.
    The blog contains nice pictures in describing the cause of the plate movement in causing this disaster.

    Very short and informational blog


    1964 Alaska


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